Reuben Alexander


Reuben has worked internationally as a drummer for over 20 years, touring and recording extensively in Europe, the USA and Australia.

After cutting his teeth in London playing an eclectic mix of styles, Reuben was inspired to start his own project and was signed with Wind Up Records in New York, where he relocated in 1999.

Reuben is currently based in Sydney, Australia where he writes, records, gigs and tours with a wide variety of producers, bands and shows.

Reuben also plays harmonica and sings on a number of projects and has co-written and arranged songs for many of the artists with whom he has worked and recorded.


“Reuben Alexander is one of the best drummers I’ve ever worked with...he’s like a multi-brained octopus, has great ideas and a beautiful groove...”


“...when it comes to drummers, I’ve worked with the best and Reuben is right up there...he can bury a click with ease, grooves like hell slotting in with any players and always creates a sound I didn’t even know I wanted...! ”


“Reuben is a wonderful drummer, he really knows when NOT to play..! But, on top of that, there’s his incredibly soulful harmonica playing, heartfelt and surprising harmonies, glockenspiel and percussion of all types...a veritable factory of rhythmic ideas...”